An inside out egg roll in a bowl, no deep frying involved! Shredded purple cabbage, green cabbage, and carrots, tossed with browned ground pork and all the flavors reminiscent of traditional egg rolls.

Weeknight Dinners Under 30 Minutes

Baked Caprese Gnocchi

Wanna zhuzh up store-bought gnocchi? This 5 ingredient meal is so easy to make but tastes like you’ve been cooking all afternoon. Bright and herby pesto, sweet tomatoes, creamy fresh mozza, briny Kalamata olives, and light-pillow-like potato gnocchi, baked to perfection.

Celery and Tarragon Risotto

This risotto highlights the flexibility of underrated celery. Both a vegetable and an aromatic, celery maintains its texture while cooking, and shines bright in this recipe! Bittersweet, licorice-like tarragon adds elegance to this simple dish.

The corner of a plate of Celery and Tarragon risotto during the eating process. A fork rests on the plate.

Egg Roll in a Bowl

This Egg Roll in a Bowl has all the flavors we love but without all the deep-frying! With a few pantry items, a handful of fresh ingredients, and whatever protein you choose; this ultra satisfying meal can be on the table in 20 minutes.

Tip: Used bagged coleslaw mix (purple & green cabbage and carrot) to make this dinner an absolute breeze!

Swiss Chard and Butterbean Soup

This hearty vegetable and bean soup is perfect for when you have an abundance of greens, like Swiss chard, kale, or spinach. Add pearled barley or acini di pepe pasta to make this soup even heartier!

A bowl of rich homemade chicken broth, packed with loads of Swiss chard, carrots, and butter beans.

Smoked Mussel Spaghetti

This dairy-free pasta is a regular quick meal chez-moi! A simple tin of smoked mussels and fresh fennel are two stars of this show. I always keep Trader Joe’s Lightly Smoked Mussels on-hand for this quick and delicious dinner. I love this recipe so much, I decided to make it for dinner as soon as I’m finished this writing this collection.

Add homemade breadcrumbs to really do this dish justice! Tip: you can grind my homemade croutons in a food processor to make breadcrumbs. A batch of croutons will last in an airtight jar for at least 2 weeks.

Curried Apple Risotto

Warm spices and autumn apples are highlighted in this untraditional risotto. Seared scallops worked like a dream alongside this risotto but it’s a stand-alone dish in itself.

I think this would also be really nice alongside roasted chicken. I suggest picking up a rotisserie chicken to save precious time, repurpose for other meals, and to make homemade fortified stock.

A plate of apple risotto warmly spiced with curry, topped with five seared scallops and finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano..

Brussels Sprouts Scramble with Pecorino

This autumn inspired meal is packed with green vegetables, fresh herbs, and savory Pecorino. On paper, this dish would classify as a breakfast or brunch, but I don’t believe in such silly rules!

Serve with pickles to really make it epic and rebellious! Try my vibrant pink Middle Eastern Pickled Turnips (as pictured below).

Seared Scallops with Pea and Mint Purée

Quick-seared scallops and frozen peas help make this recipe a cinch! Fresh mint and lemon lend a bright freshness to this meal. It’s hard to believe this dinner can be on the table in just 20 minutes. Score!

Spicy Thai Basil Chicken

This spicy & savory dish will take you back to the streets of Thailand! Spicy Thai Basil Chicken (Phad Kaprao Gai) is one of those dishes you just can’t stop eating. You could make this recipe with either ground chicken or turkey, and may sub green beans for long beans. This is one of the most frequently made South East Asian recipes in my house!

An aerial photo of Spicy Thai Basil Chicken, served with steamed Jasmine rice, sliced cucumbers, fresh cilantro, and fresh chilies. Long beans are visible on a red and white kitchen towel, a bamboo plant in a turquoise vase peeks into the frame, and a bowl of chilies sits next to the meal.

Fall Frisée Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Frisée will always be my #1!

This salad showcases fall produce like apple, pomegranate, and frisée, with a touch of bacon, and a kiss of feta. A simple Apple Cider Vinaigrette rounds out this light fresh and dinner. Bonus is, you’ll have leftover salad dressing for later in the week. Work smarter, not harder!

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