Hands holding each end of a chicken wing flat. A platter of chicken wings and fresh lemon wedges can be seen in the background.

Mediterranean Inspired Recipes

These Mediterranean Inspired Recipes will bring the Greek Islands and Albanian Riviera straight into your kitchen!

We’re braving yet another atmospheric river in San Francisco and I’m dreaming of lazy sun-soaked lunches on the beach. I finally had enough, so I booked a trip back to Albania in a couple of months. Now I’m craving ALL THE THINGS from South Eastern Europe!

With Mediterranean food cravings on my mind, I curated this collection of Mediterranean Inspired Recipes for your viewing (and cooking) pleasure.

Some of these recipes are super traditional, while others are my own personal take using flavor profiles I adore from the Mediterranean.


Mediterranean Shrimp with Feta

An oval copper baking dish filled with juicy shrimp, wedges of lemon, finely diced red pepper, crumbled feta, and loads of fresh dill & oregano. The pan juices are just begging to be enjoyed with warm crusty bread!
Mediterranean Style Shrimp with feta and fresh herbs, served over lemon and herb rice and pickled lemon cucumbers.

Mediterranean Chicken Wings

A large blue and white platter of chicken wings. Sprigs of fresh oregano, lemon halves, a small bowl of spice mix, and a bowl of feta and mint dip are visible.
Two hands holding each end of a chicken wing flat. A platter of chicken wings and fresh lemon wedges can be seen in the background.

Albanian Qofte (Pan-Fried Meatballs)

A casserole dish full of log shaped Albanian beef Qofte Meatballs. Served alongside labneh, hummus, a village salad, and pickled vegetables.
A closeup of Albanian qoftes garnished with chopped Italian parsley; tzatziki, sliced vegetables, and grilled vegetables are visible in the background.

Mediterranean Cabbage Rolls with Dill Yogurt Sauce

Two Mediterranean-style cabbage rolls with dill yogurt sauce and lemon.
Two Mediterranean inspired cabbage rolls served with a dill yogurt sauce; garnished with two slices of lemon and a sprig of fresh dill.

Speedy Nëne Vali Soup

An aerial shot of two bowls of yellow colored chicken Mediterranean-style soup, garnished with fresh fill and lemon wedges. Served with Eros Pista hot chili to stir into the soup.
A bowl of Mediterranean chicken and vegetable soup with some chili paste stirred in. You can see pieces of chicken, carrot, zucchini, and celery.

Dolmas with Meat

A plate full of lamb stuffed grape leaves, served with lemon wedges, bright pink pickled turnips, and large green olives.

Yogurt Dip with Fresh Herbs

A close-up of a white plate of yogurt dip with fresh herbs. Purple and yellow edible flowers garnish the top left of the plate. Pops of green from fresh chives, mint, and dill provide contrast.
A hand holding a piece of bread, gliding through a plate of Yogurt Dip with Fresh Herbs. Purple and yellow edible flowers can be seen on the right side of the plate.

Zucchini and Feta Fritters

A sideview of 4 Zucchini and Feta Fritters with lemon wedges.
A Zucchini & Feta Fritter in a hand right after taking a bite.

Spicy Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Dip (Tirokafteri)

An aerial view of a table full of mezes. Middle Eastern pickled turnips being front and center, flanked by hummus, tirokafteri, olive tapenade, dates, and fresh bread.
A plate of spicy roasted red pepper and feta dip (tirokafteri) surrounded by kettle cooked potato chips, pickled radishes, and raw celery sticks and Persian cucumber spears. The dip is garnished with whole Kalamata olives and a dusting of dried Greek oregano.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is such an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, so I’ve included a link to my absolute favorite Stonehouse Olive Oil. The Basil EVOO is easily the most used oil in my crib. I could give up wine before this stuff! That’s saying something!!

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